Sex appeal

Posh Tosh has officially weighed in with her assessment of Milwaukee’s 2008 starting roster. And by that, of course, I mean which Brewers she would like to make sexy time with.

ok, i’ve cheked them out, and here’s the low down. Kapler & Hardy are the hottest ones. and w/ a name like Hardy, c’mon!

Women of Milwaukee, in the future I would prefer more puns on “Hard-y” than your lousy “J.J. Hottie.” Hinting about your affection for erections is funnier than being reminded you think James Jerry is cute.

What you think this is — rated PG? Hey, that’s a’right — ’cause I hope you fall down them stairs! You and your Gucci shoes!

but you are right, the big boy, aka your main man Prince, looks like a mean machine w/ a boyish grin.

Then Posh showed me some real evidence of cultural learning:

i don’t think i fully grasped the whole name thing. his name is fucking Prince Fielder. hello! I mean, can you think of a better name than that — how appropriate.

Very nice!


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