On deck

I ran down to the last exhibition game at the Park on Saturday. Literally, I ran down. It wasn’t much of a workout, probably less than one quarter mile. Which it took seven minutes for me to run. I didn’t wake up early enough for the “Brewers On Deck” Fan Fest, but I did score a club level seat for $10.

It was great to be back in the Park for a game and to see so many families hanging out on a Lazy Saturday. It was great to see they’re still using the clip from “Waiting” followed by the Beatles to introduce people celebrating their birthdays.

The kids in front of me got on the Jumbotron during the YMCA. Their dad came back from getting nachos just as the inning started.

“Daddy! I was on the big screen?”
“You… wh-what? — you were on the big screen?”
“Yeah! We all were,” said the dude’s wife.
“And I missed it?… Aw… Aw man!”

What else did I see?

Ryan Braun’s batter up music was “Superstar” by Lupe Fiasco. I’m just saying, baby, I’m just saying. It’s not Fresh Cool Young Lu’s part, but the white guy singing the hook. I’d prefer the part where he’s like

Want to believe my own hype but it’s too untrue
The world brought me to my knees
What have you brung you?
Did you improve on the design?
Did you do something new?
Well your name ain’t on the guest list
Who brung you?

Hardy’s is still that Moby song from “Gone in Sixty Seconds.”

So, one of the times Braun came up to bat, they could barely get Lupe off the sound system before Braun ripped one to the wall. Suddenly, he’s standing on second. At the end of the inning, he was, of course, stranded.

The line on Tony Gwynn Jr. is that he’s not much of a slugger. But we watched him work the count, then knock a curling line drive into Robin Yount’s Super Party Time Triple Corner. He was so speedy, he was nearly to third by the time the base coach told him to hold up. He had to hit the brakes and trot back to second. Gabe Gross came up with his awful Christian rock batter up music.

And on the very first pitch, Tony stole third.


— 1 Prince Fielder All-Star T-shirt
— 1 J.J. Hardy All-Star T-shirt
— 2 men in Cubs caps
— 3 dudes from my high school
— Several people reppin’ Wisconsin, including
— 1 Badgers Hockey sweater


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