Sans serif, sans shirt

Several escalator banks were closed on Saturday for “preventative maintenance,” and while I was wandering around the Loge Level looking for a way up to the Club Level, the well-traveled Robin Yount Bobblehead Cow caught my eye. She’s keeping watch outside the new Big League Blast Custom Shop.

This shop can put logos on its inventory of blanks cotton garments featuring state-of-the-art T-shirt printing machines, and allegedly this can be done in 20 seconds per item.

The shop looked pretty dismal upon approach, like a factory outlet for Fruit of the Loom, stuck in the side of a ballpark. I told this bearded gentleman at the counter what I really wanted was a gray hoodie with a navy blue cursive “Brewers” — essentially their road grays in hoodie form.

They didn’t have that logo yet, he said, but they did have the letters to spell out “B-R-E-W-E-R-S-!” if you want to round up six or seven of your friends.

“We’ve had a couple groups come in here looking for those, trying to round up the right number of people do to it,” he said. “One group was mixed, you know, guys and girls. One guy said they could just take their shirts off and paint the letters, and one of the girls said, ‘I want to be the letter E!’”

I think I’m going to try to give you a Photoshop of that.


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