Let me take you to Luckytown

The Leff’s Opening Day party was better than I expected. The Love Monkeys were playing pretty loud. Even if you’re some kind of music snob, nobody can hate on The Love Monkeys. Sure, they’re a party-cover band, but they choose their covers wisely. For example, they play two Rusted Roots songs — and when was the last time you had a bad time at a Rusted Root show?

The food was pretty dec’ as well. I had a brat that must’ve been cooked in some sort of beer and beef stock, because it didn’t even need mustard. There were many drunk people. Here is some evidence: 

This brother and sister team was giving us beer. They claimed the lipstick on his cheek was NOT from her.

These people gave us beer. Here is Dan and Amanda, trinken sie bier:

And this is the walk in, like moths to a lantern. Notice the Bill Hall jersey which popped into view of this snapshot. Perhaps this could be an omen. Foreshadowing something? Something like a 2-home run, 6-runs batted in game, perhaps?


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