Opening Day

The first home game of the 2008 was a success: the Brewers scored 13 runs, I drank nearly as many beers. Once inside, I had some Sprecher Special Amber, a chorizo, maybe another Lite… who knows?

Then I went to work and everyone made fun of me because I had this slurred sense of urgency. “OMG, I’ve got to set up the bar right away!” Dan and Amanda, as well as Posh & Co., came in to visit and enjoy the food — and the spectacle I was making of myself. It was a great night overall, until I started crashing through walls, figuratively speaking. I must be getting old. 

Here is m’boy Carlos Villanueva about to strike out some poor sucker:


   These kids painted themselves the royal blue of the Brewers retro uniforms and tried to start the wave. I did not notice the wave getting going as well as it normally does — but then again I was sort of oblivious to a lot of what was going on around me. On a good day, a Miller Park wave is a fearsome display, on par with Camp Randall’s wave, or maybe a grizzly bear rearing back on its hind legs.

Nothing beats the afternoon spring sun coming in through the west windows of Miller Park. It’s the kind of long, lazy afternoon feeling you get from a March gymnasium. It still feels stale, but it’s freshening up with sweet-smelling air and athletic activity…… annnnd, we’re 1-0 at home.


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