Princy Bobble

Palermo’s Pizza* presented us with Prince Fielder Bobblehead Day on Sunday, and it was glorious. Posh noted they got his signature smirk spot on in miniature.

“He’s missing the cheek full of chew,” she said, and made a Popeye face. She also called him “Princy,” which shows she’s caught on the True Blue Brew Crew’s habit of forming nicknames by taking a first name or a last name, adding a “—y” and… ¡voilà!

But as soon as I ripped open my bobble box and saw the baby Prince encased in plastic, I was uncomfortable.

What the hell is that? He looks like The King from those Burger King commercials. His body shape and baseball bat also appear cartoonish. His skin color is twice as light as last year’s figurine.

“Why would they make a pun on his first name being Prince?” Posh said. “His last name is Fielder! Hello! Isn’t that more appropriate for a baseball player?”

It is fairly awesome they decided to honor the fact he’s the youngest player to ever hit 50 home runs in a season — younger than Willie Mays by nearly a year. Many people also pointed out that it’s a more fun character — which is the point of bobbleheads, right?

I guess, but I enjoy bobbleheads when they bear at least a passing resemblance to their namesake. That’s why I loved the 2007 Princy Bobble so much.

That’s Prince, baby, give or take the chew.

These things are given out for free, so I guess you get what you pay for. This Prince’s bat has to be screwed into place, and the threads on the screw are all stripped, and the screw socket is glued in to his hands.

The bobbles are also manufactured in China, where quality expectations have been sliding for probably 50 years based on U.S. consumers who don’t mind crappier, if it’s cheaper.

Oh well. Hail to the Prince, baby.

* Last year, at Palermo’s Bill Hall Bobblehead give-away, my friends came to the game too late to get their souvenir. They started a drunken conversation with this guy about this point. He turned out to be Giacomo Fallucca, President and CEO of Palermo’s Pizza, who personally assured them they would receive a Bill Hall bobble by mail — and they did (Ed. “got a Billy-signed baseball.” Thanks John!). Way to go, Giacomo!


2 responses to “Princy Bobble

  1. It’s true, Giacomo sent not a Bill Hall bobblehead, but an autographed Bill Hall baseball (that is, at present, proudly kept in the display case that Giacomo was nice enough to include).

    Obligatory Palermo pizza plug following:

    DiGiorno’s is crap compared to Palermo’s…really.

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