OK, we’re back in the saddle, at the stadium again, seeing old friends and feeling the sun on our faces. With all the Opening Day celebrations out of the way, the good people of Brew City will be able to get down to the serious business of baseball.

And you know that can only mean one thing….. ¡Margaritas!

At the first game of last year with my friends John and Laura, they went off in search of a cocktail shortly after we found our seats. When they returned, they were both holding two large, frozen, fanciful drinks. We reacted with appropriate hubris.

“Oh, great John — you’re at the Park 15 minutes and you run off to get your girlfriend a daiquiri.”
“Whatever, it’s a margarita,” Laura said, taking a sip. “And I’m like, already drunk. Try this.”

Woooooo! She was right. On Sunday Posh and I went for some frozen marg’s.

“Is there a fair amount of booze in those?” I asked, checking out the smoothie machines behind the bar.

“I don’t know…” the woman said. “We put two bottles in there.”

Hmm… that sounds pretty good. We’ll take one of each, please. She started pouring them in these plastic, handled mugs — not the plastic margarita glasses from last year, which had a bowl and stem which fit into a base, and little retro “mb” Brewers logos dotting the rim like rock salt.

The woman said they switched the cups because the bases would fall off the stems and nobody liked them. They were flimsy, I thought, but everybody seemed to love them. I think Laura actually brought hers to a post-game trip to a Mexican restaurant, and demanded the bartender make her a drink in it. But the new marg’ cups are pretty awesome.

They’re sturdy. Made right here in the good ol’ U.S.of A. in Warren, Penn. They are definitely dishwasher safe — and I’ve made the lofty goal of holding a keg party with no party cups, just the marg’ cups I’ve collected this summer. They also slapped the midnight blue “M + Wisconsin cutout” logo on there. I’m in favor of measured use of that logo to help extend the brand regionally. They’re sponsored by Sauza, which is good stuff — we’ve got Sauza Hornitas on the rail a Maxie’s — and is really fun to say when you’ve had a few. “Saaaauuuzzzzzaaa.”

The blood-red strawberry flavor was too sweet for mass consumption, so the second round was both regular flavor. I kept insisting to the kindly older gentleman working the taps that he had mango marg’s, but he finally convinced me the lighting was making the hopper look orange. Two regular, please.

“OK, there you go. Now you kids get thirsty again, c’mon back.”

Thanks, kindly older gentleman! ¡Mas Tequila!


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