Angry Young Men

I like to relate to the young guns on the Crew — Carlos Villanueva, for example. Yesterday this post hipped me to a quote from the opening of a biography of Johnny Unitas:

“That’s the thing sports will never get back. Once, the players were one of us. They lived right next door. They don’t anymore.”

That is true, but at least these Brewers don’t seem like they are from another planet or Mt. Olympus compared to me. Prince is right around my age, and his salary is only about 15 times larger than mine (granted, next year it will be about 250 times larger).

But then Posh pointed out something else I have in common with Prince: We’re both Angry Young Men.

This is what Villanueva told about Prince:

“He can be mean to people. You see him laugh all the time, but my locker is right beside his in Milwaukee, and I’ve seen people try to talk to him when he’s locked and he’ll be — even with friends on the team — he’ll be like, ‘Not now.’

“I try to just step away. I don’t even want to know what would happen. I just go.”

“That’s just like you,” Posh told me. “When you don’t like someone, or you’re irritated, everybody knows it.”

Prince is angry at his dad. He wants to hit more than his 52 home runs in a season because that will “shut him up.” I’m not angry at my dad, but I do feel misanthropic at times — especially toward people who cling to the irrational hope that the world and their lives will not Change. I’m angry at the people in charge for being so stupid. I’m angry at people who won’t stand behind their words, who don’t want to be quoted in the newspaper, because they prefer to live their lives quietly, in the shadows.

Most of all — like Prince fuming when he made the mistake of trying to tag the runner and not the base on a force play at first last week — I’m angry at myself for not being better than them already.


3 responses to “Angry Young Men

  1. All I have to say is that you spelt “Change” with a capital “C”.

    That’s right.

    Barack the vote.

  2. Okay, I have one more thing to say, but it is only to quote Kanye:

    “You know what the Midwest is?
    Young and Restless!”

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