What are you waiting for?

Three long awaited events finally arrived this week:

  • Prince hit his first home run of the season. In the 10th inning, FTW. Hopefully all those haters who think he’s lost his strut because he stopped eating meat will Pleaseshutthefuckup. I was thinking I would love to see him go on some sort streak such as “Fielder has either homered or been walked in his last 20 at-bats.”
  • My parents bought a Wii — and MLB 2K8. My little brother Paulie just called telling me how awesome it is. I’ve wanted to get it ever since I saw this commercial. Ryan Howard is cool and everything, but it wasn’t until they started the quick cuts — you catch a glimpse of a left-handed batter taking a huge swing, and in his follow-through the name on his jersey turns to fill the screen: FIELDER. Paulie said it’s so fun: you have to pump your arms to make the players run through first, time your delivery depending on the pitcher (quick-whip for Turnbow, big kick for Sheets) and imitate batters stance (even Counsell’s?). Paulie also pointed out this is the first time we’ve had a current-year sports game. All the Brewers up-to-date, except Cappy isn’t injured and Kapler isn’t on the Crew.
  • Maxie’s was reviewed in the Journal-Sentinel. I’ve been waiting for this for about 10 months. Our information had Dennis Getto in the restaurant, thoroughly enjoying himself. I was picking up the paper each Friday looking for the review, but it never came. Then he died. The review definitely left room for improvement. We aren’t quite playing up to our talent level, just like the Crew. The review itself was sort of weak — the paper held a six-month international search for its next critic and came up with this? “An appetizer of seared Ahi tuna ($10.95) was served rare, and those slices were like butter.” Describing food by comparing it… to food. Not exactly James Joyce.

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