Just like in real life!

Paulie and I went to the game tonight, and it was pretty good… but ended in the second 4-3 loss the Crew has suffered in as many days. The game was winnable throughout, but it just didn’t happen. The blame goes directly to Turnbow, which is fair because he gave up the go-ahead run, but nobody got a hit. 

So Paulie and I headed back to recreate the game on Wii.

Paulie pointed out the commercial I thought was enticing me to buy “MLB 2K8” was actually promoting “MLB 2008: The Show.” What kind of marketing genius came up with this one? …

Paulie played the Red Sox against my Brewers at home, and I lost 13-2. Then we played the Villanueva-Wainright match-up we just saw in person… I took a 6-6 tie game into the top of the 10th, when Éric Serge Gagné (me) gave up two homers and change, FTL. So realistic! 

In vegetarian news, I had a Palermo’s personal cheese pizza at the game, for $6, and it was pretty tasty, even if that judgement was informed by three shots of Evan Williams bourbon and a New Glarus Organic Revolution. I took a sweet picture from my apartment of the cars leaving the Miller Park lot like fluorescent jellyfish, but it was accidentally erased. They’ll be there again soon, though, at high tide.

Tonight the lights of the park competed with the near-full moon to light up my apartment. Hopefully, the Crew can turn it around and get to work early tomorrow, in order to avoid three quick, tight losses in a 48-hour span. 



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