Take me out

Last night was a great night to be at the Park. The Brewers took an early lead on Prince’s second homer, and the Phil’s quickly made it interesting when Chase Utley came up to bat.

“Who do they have anyway? Ryan Howard? Chase Utley? That’s it,” Paulie said. “Is it me, or does ESPN give Utley a little too much love?”

“I don’t know, they’ve got a lot of good guys. Chase Utley is pretty darn good,” I said. “He’s got, like, nine home runs.”

Crrrrrrrack — upper deck of left field bleachers. 10.

“Uh, yeah,” Paulie said. “I guess he is pretty good.”

Geoff Jenkins came up to bat to a rousing ovation. And like a perfect guest, went 0-3 with a walk. He also made a incredible diving catch, which The Other J.J. pointed out on yesterday’s post was almost identical to the picture-perfect snag from a game at the same time last year (sub left field for right; Wrigley for Miller Park; and Brewers for Phils). He is who he thought he was.

We got some food: two chorizo dogs, some curds, a large High Life. Paulie got a large soda because he wanted the commemorative cup. It was a very large cup with the old Brewers Kegman logo. Chorizo dogs at the Park are simply incredible. My only complaint is that they don’t have foot-long chorizo dogs. A paprika-red Klement’s chorizo wrapped in a soft flour tortilla with pico de gallo. Outstanding. The curds were sub-par. Posh text’d me with an update:

Posh: Top chef group got criticized for using chorizo instead of polish sausage

Me: Don’t talk that way about chorizo

We moved down to the Loge Level to meet some Maxie’s kids. In the bottom of the sixth with two outs and two on, I think, Dave Bush appeared to come back to the dugout, thinking he would be taken out for a pinch hitter. Ned Yost shooed him back out there, and the crowd booed. Bush struck out to end the inning.

It was the right call — but only because Braun doubled in the eighth and Prince came up to bat, down one run.

Do it,” Paulie commanded.

And on the next pitch, he did, for the lead. With a 2-HR game, hopefully the veggie haters will now pleaseshutthefuckup. Here’s what Prince had to say:

“The only thing is you got people saying (it’s) because I don’t eat meat or whatever. But my thing is a lot of people in the stands and you guys, you guys eat meat all day (and) you guys can’t hit a ball.”

Turnbow comes in to pitch the 9th. As he leaves the bullpen, the entire crowd looked over to him walking through the outfield in stunned silence. Some cranks started booing. I started shouting “Aw, c’mon! Let’s go!” as the sentiment started turning — this is our guy, let’s give him a hand — with the realization that our bullpen is toast and Éric Serge Gagné has pitched his arm off the last two weeks. Plus, the top of the 9th in a tight game is one of the most exciting parts of baseball, right guys?

Turnbow gets a strikeout after battling this guy for 10 pitches. That got the crowd roused up. The crowd wasn’t happy about him walking So Taguchi — he’s soooo Taguchi. Whatever, let’s go, get on your feet! Turnbow notched another strikeout and a groundout, FTW.

The Brewers just lost their noon game today, but I do loves me some quick turn-around baseball. The only real downside of two games starting within 17 hours of each other, is that it usually means you’ll have to wait a whole 28 hours for the next one to start.

When I left for work this morning, there were tailgaters in my backyard.


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