Squeeze post

Posh text’d me yesterday asking what was wrong with my Brewers — they were in the process of wasting another great pitching outing by Soup to lose to the Phils, 3-1, leaving like, three dozen runners on base.

Me: Idk, hangovers?

I couldn’t even get upset about the loss, because I was still so jacked up about the incredible Wednesday night win. I caught a few minutes of a show on FSN called something like “Brewers Squeeze Play,” which condensed the game down to all the hits and the 27 outs with edited commentary by Uecker.

It reminded me of a similar show I used to watch with my college roommate on Fox Soccer Net. We first saw it when we came home late one night, and it took us quite a while to realize the match — between, like Wigan and Derby (“Daahr-bé”) — was time-condensed and not actually a raging back-and-forth played at the pace of a Western Conference NBA Playoff game.

“OMG, they’ve got the ball in the box again!”

Another corner kick? Holy crap!”

“What? Halftime already? Well, better get another beer.”


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