Post script

In regards to yesterday’s post… The reason the Cubsfan and I had to watch a double-header on television the next day, and weren’t able to attend the Friday afternoon game, rescheduled for Saturday night, was that the Lakeview neighborhood had some kind of wack-ass ordinance or restriction on the number of night games that could be played there.

So instead of playing the afternoon game, clearing out the crackers and letting us catch the night game (what would essentially be playoff baseball), the people with tickets for Saturday got to see both games, and Ron Santo’s number retired. We were told we could redeem our tickets for a game the following year. Of course that Pirates-Cubs ticket sat in my wallet until the print wore off and it was never used.

In other Wrigley-is-a-shithole news, Cubs fans don’t even like it as much as Brewers fans love Miller Park. The Other J.J. hipped me to this. Yeah, dig that, baby!


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