Youthful Exuberance

When Deadspin editor Will Leitch was out in Milwaukee last week, he somehow brought up how awesome it was to see his St. Louis Cardinals win the 2006 World Series. I seized upon this and mentioned that I’ve been meaning to run a side-by-side comparison of two videos on this site.

First, watch Dalton Carriker of the Warner Robins, Ga. team hit a walk-off home run, FTW over Tokoyo in the Little League World Series.

Then watch any of the videos of the last pitch of the Cardinal’s World Series win. Note the similarities. Discuss.

When I told Leitch this, he immediately lit up and said something in the neighborhood of:

Man, that’s it! That’s it! if I had to justify the existence of the Internet to someone, I’d show those videos. If somebody was like, ‘Should we keep the Internet or get rid of it,’ I would show them those videos. Tell me that’s not awesome.

Earlier that night, during his book tour stop in Brookfield, he talked about how sports is the one thing that can make him irrationally jump out of his chair and scream.

And now, I defy you to watch those videos and not want to jump around like an 11-year-old.


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