Slaying the Green Monster

I remember watching the Brewers play the Red Sox on television in 1992 (it was Tuesday, Sept. 15 to be exact. I have a very good memory). I knew Fenway Park was an old-timey stadium and was where the Boston team played, but the announcers were talking about something I did not know.

“Apparently, there’s this wall… in left field, for some reason… and they call it the Green Monster.”

That’s crazy, man, crazy. Why would you just have a huge (37-foot-tall) wall out there?! How is anybody — ever! — supposed to hit anything over that? I was excited about the Brewers. They were one game behind the Orioles and five games behind the Blue Jays for the lead in the AL East by the end of the that hot, lazy evening.

Robin Yount — Robin Freaking Yount — came up to bat in the top of the 5th with two outs and no score in the game. And walloped a pitch straight over that wall, which seemed as tall as a skyscraper. In my 9-year-old eyes, Robin had just slayed a Monster.

The Sox gave chase, but the Brewers won 7-2. I just left another lousy Brewers loss this afternoon (more on that later) and the boys will be shipping up to Boston for a weekend series. Hopefully, the boys are up for some Monster slaying, but I’m worried their at-bats will be more like trying to slay the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.


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