Shipping up to Boston

The Brewers are in Beantown this weekend, and it’s time to tell you about the last time I saw a Brewers-Red Sox series. It was in Milwaukee in 2003, and I was home for the summer, working at the old Water Street location of Brew City BBQ. (Our beloved Gabe Kapler was a Red Sock at the time).

Brew City was a huge blues, bikers and pulled pork sandwich type of joint inside an ancient building which was once a flower warehouse. At the time it had just been bought by R.C. Schmidt, a prominent Milwaukee restaurateur and total douche bag. He moved the Brew City concept to a new location, and sold the gigantic property — with its bar, enclosed patio bar, and patio right on the city’s biggest party street — to a chain which turned it into the tolerable Bar Louie.

But before the sanitization process was complete, Brew City still had a little of that gritty flair which made it the epicenter of Harley Davidson Motorcycle’s 95th anniversary in 1998, when middle-aged biker chicks went topless, pet cobras were set loose and beer bongs were hung from the fourth story roof.

It was also the kind of place hungover Red Sox fans to would like to grab lunch.

“Omg, look! Real, live Red Sox fans! I’m going to go talk to them.”

In 2003, the Red Sox had yet to break the Curse of the Bambino, but were manned by a self-proclaimed bunch of Idiots made up mostly of Dominicans and cracker Cowboys. And later, Byung-Hyun Kim who became the Yen the Chinese acrobat from “Ocean’s 11” of the team. I was on the bandwagon.

“Hey! So, you guys are Red Sox fans, huh? Where are you from?”

Two surly middle-aged guys with salt-and-pepper mustaches turned slowly toward me.

“Yaaah, weir Sawxh fahns. Weir from New Haven,” they grumbled.

“Connecticut. Wicked awesome,” I said, totally amused. “Are you guys going to the game?”

“Yaaah, weir headin’ out to Millah Paahk. Weir gonna stomp yah Brewahs.”

“Yeah, you’ve got a good team, all right,” I said. “But Milwaukee’s not so bad.”

Then they leaned in close over their pint of Sam Adams.

“Ahfter the game, weir gonna go to Ancahr,” they said.

“Excuse me?”

Ancahr,” they repeated.

“I’m sorry…”

Ancahr,” they said. “You know, thee, uh… thee gentleman’s club?”

“Oh, Encore! Oh, very good. Well, you boys enjoy your stay here!”

The Brewers won that night, 9-3. I was pretty excited for the Saturday game, and I was even more excited when the Crewers opened up a 10-4 lead in the 5th inning. But they didn’t score the rest of the game and lost 11-10. For the Sunday game, they lost 9-1. That’s more like it!


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