E’rybody claps because e’rybody is pleased

The kindly older gentleman who gets me my drinks has a name: Jim. I say “older” because he’s older than me, and not “elderly” like some other kindly folks at the Park. Jim works at the mixed drink/margarita stand on the Loge Level, the one nearest the press box on the right base side. We sat near the stand when I brought my family to see Prince’s 46th home run last year, and Posh and I hit him up for margaritas on Opening Day weekend.

Jim wears a wide brim straw hat and never appears to be wasted (his coworkers always appear to be wasted). I learned his name from his name tag. Last night, he let me have a very tawny 7-’n-7 (more like a 10-’n-4!) and a bag of peanuts for an easy $10.50. Yeesh. That’s more than I paid for my late-game ticket for section 207. Hey, 0-0 in the 5th is the same as 0-0 in the 1st, right? Apparently, I missed some wicked defensive plays.

But hearing Jim say “OK, now you get thirsty again, c’mon back” after I tipped him was worth the price of admission. The baseball that followed was gravy.

Jeff “Superior” Suppan was pitching very, very well. There was an awesome moment when he threw a first strike slider to a Braves catcher Brian McCann. McCann stepped out, started complaining and wouldn’t set back into the batter’s box. The ump signaled for Soup to pitch, and he threw a strike right down the middle. We all jumped to our feet, and McCann stepped back in, but he was so miffled that he struck out on a way low pitch.

The Brewers got a run on a triple by Rickie Weeks (!) in the bottom of the 8th, and Suppan got the win over Jo-Jo Reyes.

“You don’t want to lose to a guy named Jo-Jo,” Paulie said.


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