Whose house? P-House!

I’ve decided to add Paulie to the blogger roll here in order to beef up coverage of celebrity sightings in Miller Parkland. He’s going to bring us some stories about the A-listers and interesting baseball insight he’s privy to through his job in the inner workings of Brewers operations (i.e., he brings people drinks). 

Given his objections to the use of “Posh Tosh” as a pseudonym, we’re going to stick him with a nickname for these posts — hopefully something cool, relevant and yet slightly embarrassing. I’ve been experimenting with P-Haus/P-House after our old high school cheer, MC P. Pants, Paulie Walnuts and P-Funk Parliament… P-Haus could also be shortened to P.H., which stands for “pinch hitter.” He suggested The Reliever, which is sort of like Deadspin’s various Closer(s). Feel free to leave comments on what you think his pen name should be — we’re going to decide it permanently by the end of this home stand.

Take it away, Paulie!

To help put a name to the face:


Actually, that’s a Bansky-esque graffiti stencil near the Milwaukee River and Hank Aaron Parkway. And therein lies the intrigue, and sort of a creepy story.


Read on, gentle reader… if you dare! 


One week shortly after I moved to the neighborhood, I was on one of those biannual “I’m actually going to start working out f’real this time” kicks, and so I went running toward Miller Park, hoping that the sight of the monolithic stadium would inspire some sort of daily Rocky training routine. 

And there I happened upon the graffiti, which looks shockingly similar to my littlest brother’s senior yearbook photo. Compare for yourself:


I stopped running. It was sort of like the moment Homer Simpson realizes a Japanese company has put what appears to be his face on boxes of their new soap, Mr. Sparkle


I mentioned it to my friends, but I don’t recall if I ever mentioned it to Paulie. Months later, he described the experience of walking out of his first game working at the Convertible Confines to see his face plastered on the supporting pillars of the highway overpass. 


“The weird thing is, I was just thinking about something creepy, like ghosts or something,” he said. “And then I walked up and saw this.”


He says the thing that’s really funny to him is that he thinks the stencil is actually supposed to be of Audrey Hepburn. I don’t think that’s very unusual; Paulie has always had petite good looks. He’s a very pretty boy (new nickname idea: “petite bourgeoisie”).


No, what I find remarkable is that this stencil was spray-painted on each of the many cement pillars:

  The Truth Is Out There













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