Requiem for a Beatdown

“I might not know baseball, but I know men.”

No, that was not a Sex and the City character in the “new Yankee” episode; that was Posh Tosh, two months ago, selecting baseball Journeyman and Viva post hit boon Gabe Kapler as her favorite Brewer. But now the sports radio jocks are talking about how they can’t remember a game he didn’t impact (even though he doesn’t start), he’s evvvverrrybody’s favorite Brewer (adjusting for Ryan Braun) and people just can’t get enough of GK.

Besides… Damn, what an ass.

Gabey Baby got in on the 6-run 4th inning hit parade on Sunday when he tripled home a run. Then Ryan Braun hit a 2-run home run. With the roof open, and the sights and subtle sounds wafting over the crowd, Braun’s contact sounded like duffer teeing up at a driving range. Just the silence of well-groomed turf and warm skies interrupted by


and the crowd rising to its feet just as the ball reaches the top of its trajectory and hangs up in the air to sail over the fence. Russell Branyan followed up with his own 2-run dinger.

“This is turning into a bona fide beat-down.”

Posh took some photos of GK coming up to bat… shortly after that, another of him standing on 1st base. Who saw that coming? I think they’re well-composed, because she’s artsy like that.

Why am I still talking about Sunday? It was really that much fun, but mostly because the Brewers have the day off and I don’t know what to do with myself. They’re on a six-game winning streak, during which they’ve out-scored their opponents 40-8.

That’s the kind of thing that can really lift a guy’s spirits. Not quite as much as receiving scandalous photos of your girlfriend wearing a retro throwback of your favorite team… I’m just saying. Not that I’d know anything about that.


One response to “Requiem for a Beatdown

  1. I believe that should be “scents and sublte sounds” none the less I need to attend the next homestand! Hope to see you there

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