Money for nothing

The Cubs vs. White Sox hot fans debate totally reminded me, and probably you too, of the Family Matters episode “Money Out The Window” where they bet on football games based on which city has the uglier chicks. The rational goes that uglier chicks would make those players angry and they’d play harder.

Steve Urkel: “What in Sam Hill do ugly women have to do with football?”

Eddie Winslow: “Weasel, your betting system bites! We bet on 10 games and lost 8 of them.”

Weasel: “Might I remind you that we also won 2 games, Mr. Glass-Is-Half-Empty?”

Waldo: “Hey, I want an Indian name, too!”

Around the same time my brothers and I would be watching Family Matters, we got into an argument based on whether a character in the Wonder Years — after the first of their friends gets a car and someone asks “What do we do now?” — shouts “Let’s go get some chicks!”

“Why are they going to get chips?” my bro Joe asked.

“They said ‘chicks.’”

“No, they said ‘chips.’”

“Mmm… chips,” Paulie said.

“That doesn’t make any sense! They could walk to the store and get ‘chips!’ You need a cool car to pick up ‘chicks!’”

I confess I have the same issue with the Dire Straits song “Money for Nothing” — “and your” — chicks? chips? checks?

I want my MTV!


2 responses to “Money for nothing

  1. This is actually a really funny post, given some recent events. My roommate in Rome has an MTV Travel Guide for Europe, which has prompted numerous “I want my MTV!” comments.

    A few crackers in my class have no idea where that came from (the old commercials). I told them that and then said, “But wait, remember that Dire Straits song?”) that didn’ work either.

    That lead to a large dialogue about how being a rock star, you get money for nothing (rocking out), and the chicks are free (because you’re a freaking rock star!). Hence, Money for Nothing, Chicks for Free.

  2. I don’t know how that wink face got in there. I suck at the Internets.

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