New York Times’ Quickfire Challenge

I’ve been trying to document some of the food offerings you might enjoy during Brewers games. The New York Times checked in on Sunday with what purports to be a comprehensive look at ballpark food across the nation. Add expense accounts to access on the list of things that add/detract from Main Stream Media. I hope you appreciate how good you have it, Peter Meehan.

The story lists many items which sound superbly interesting and t-t-t-tasty, and that I would very much like to eat (Ichiroll—!!!). It also includes a couple of half-accuracies, of course, because it’s the Times.

Here’s one spot where he goes wrong:

“Finally, forget cocktails: margaritas poured from a beer tap are a travesty and canned ‘micheladas’ are worse.”

Interesting… Did you try one of Miller Park’s marg’s? They’re tasty, or rather, tequila-y. How about one of its heavy-handed highballs? Also, hey, how ’bout we get some micheladas?

But the ’graphs about Milwaukee are high praise:

“Of course, baseball food isn’t all about cod, crab and sushi. Some parks excel at using more modest ingredients. Case in point: Miller Park in Milwaukee, a seven-year-old stadium that felt like a cathedral to baseball on the day I was there, when the fan-shaped retractable roof kept me and 41,196 other fans dry.

Like the city it is in, Miller (Park) doesn’t bother with cosmopolitan cuisine like edamame, but prides itself on heartier fare like grilled bratwursts and beer. The brats, from Klement’s, have that Germanic sweet spice accent just right, the casings are snappy and each of the three I ate had a good char on it. Another popular dish is cheese curds, which are crisp, not greasy, and have that unmistakable squeak.

And although the stadium’s name is owned by the Miller Brewing Company, the team had the foresight not to muscle out smaller Wisconsin brewers like Lakefront, New Glarus, Stevens Point and Sprecher. The team, after all, is called the Brewers.”

“A cathedral to baseball!” Take that, haters! Speaking of which, he sort of rips Wrigley:

“For starters, both Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular Field serve Best Kosher hot dogs, vastly inferior to the meatier Vienna Beef brand that the city’s best hot dog vendors serve.”

How dare you. I once ate hot dogs when I was a kid, minutes before the onset of a stomach virus. I had a taste aversion to them until I was working at the Martino’s Italian Beef shop at Summerfest my freshman year of high school. It was there I learned only all-beef franks, preferably Vienna Beef, is acceptable. Shame on you, Chi’sters.

In other Main Stream Media news, the Chicago Sun-Times is having a “which team has hotter fans” contest, Cubs vs. White Sox. I have to agree, Wrigley usually fills up with hotties, as it is more of a social scene. How about this for fans of the Dodgers, or the HBO series Entourage?

Overall, I’d give the Cubs an edge (prove me wrong — show us your pale stockings!). I’ve hooked up with at least one Cubs fan and at least one Sox fan and they were fairly comparable in terms of hotness.

The Sox fan was better in bed, of course.

None compare to Posh, who is now… a Brewers fan?


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