“Hi, I’m Seth McClung…”

“You may remember me from such pitching starts as ‘Brewers vs. Diamondbacks: The Big Unit Goes Down’ and ‘Brewers vs. Astros: Can a Brother Get Some Run Support?’”

Aside from me making that same tired Simpsons joke every time he pitches, you’re totally going to fall in love with Seth McClung.

I was initially ambivalent about him, because he took the spot of m’boy Villanueva in the starting rotation. But ever since then, he’s been putting grown men in their place (and Carlos has been the same pit bull from the bullpen).

Aside from pitching pretty well as of late, McClung is the real deal when it comes to “good guy” street cred — and has fun doing it. Just check out his resume:

He founded the West Virginia Rush Athletic Program, to give back to the community that helped bring him to the level of being recruited by more than 50 colleges to play either baseball or basketball.

“For the first 18 years of my life, I took from the community; I took all the experiences and life lessons that it had to offer,” McClung writes on the program’s site. “For the past six years I have been active in helping the community, doing things in and outside our area of West Virginia. With this program I will bring most of my attention back home… Winning and losing are experiences that kids need to have.”

I agree, especially because I didn’t have much experience winning as a kid. We sure could have used McClung as a sixth man when my grade school basketball team was losing 86-8 and 65-12 (not making this up).

Also! He was a volunteer assistant coach for the University of Tampa women’s basketball team for at least two seasons, where he was “responsible for developing the team’s post players. While learning offensive strategies, McClung also assists in drills for the team’s guards and post players.”

Sweet. He’s also done a bunch of random charity/goodwill-type stuff, according to Wiki.

He was also the regular season champ of first season of the Professional Baseball Gaming League, a video game exhibition circuit founded by the Global Gaming League, Boras Marketing and Major League Baseball Advanced Media (*shudder*). Redheads have more fun, you know.

He’s also a team player. On Tuesday, Astros pitcher Roy Oswalt hit Ryan Braun with a pitch in the first inning. McClung, who hit Albert Pujols on the order of Ned Yost last year, hit Houston star Miguel Tejada with a pitch. Way to stick up for y’boy, McClung! Unfortunately, the next batter was Lance Berkman, who hit a two-run homer. D’oh!

As for nicknames, I suggest Micky C, Seth MC or MC Clung.


P-House pointed out that when Troy McClure Seth McClung starred in “Brewers vs. Astros: Can a Brother Get Some Run Support?” he was sick and puked in the dugout three times. Bad. Ass. I’m pointing out that when he starred in “Brewers vs. Diamondbacks: The Big Unit Goes Down” he helped his cause by getting two hits off future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson. The Other J.J. pointed out he was acquired in a trade for that dirty Australian, Grant “Ball Four” Balfour.


4 responses to ““Hi, I’m Seth McClung…”

  1. Those nicknames are all more well-deserved than the awful “McDung” nickname thrown out on the message boards at brewerfan.net

    I’m liking McClung a lot as a starter, which is something I never thought I’d say.

    Remember when the Crew got Seth from the (formerly known as Devil) Rays for Grant “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie!” Balfour? Yeah, that was pretty awesome.

  2. McClung is the man. I heard his teammates call him Chucky. I was verrry impressed when I heard he was playing through the stomach flu the other night. Nice piece of work.

    :::terrorist fist bump with McClung:::

  3. Friend of mine pointed out McClung late in spring training and I thought I’d have a looksee, since wasn’t 1/3 or so of the point of my having got Extra Innings this year to be able to see a greater variety of baseball games and interesting pitchers?

    I would like it known that I considered myself a CUBS FAN (not my primary team affiliation, that’s the Red Sox forever and a day, but I did consider them my #1 NL team) and basically still do, and I am now rooting for the Brewers this year because McClung is awesome.

    As for nicknames, when not calling him honey, sweetheart, baby, or any of the other standard endearments I call pitchers I like when they are doing especially well or poorly, I have been known to call him Kitten, but that’s a long story.

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