Twins row

“Look there, ol’ chap,” I said to my friend Dan at last year’s Friday night interleague match-up between Milwaukee and Minnesota. “It appears there’s a bit a of a row between those Brewers fans and that Twins fan.”

Actually, it was more like “Holy shit! That chick is going to throw that Twins fan off the upper deck!”

We were sitting way up in the terrace box level, in section 428 and to our right on the third base line there was a Twins fan rolling on the floor of the front row getting smacked by two Brewers fans. The more he tried to stand, the more he pinned this woman against the railing of the terrace level. She was fat and wearing a huge T-shirt, and the top half of her body kept teetering over the edge.

Suddenly, she started raining overhand blows on the Twins fan’s head.

It continued like that for the entire inning, until they finally chased the Twins fan away. Later, at the bar, we related the story to our cop buddy who sometimes works Brewers games.

“Yeah, and nobody even came to break it up! No cops, no security, no ushers,” we told him.

“Haha, wow. Wait, where were you sitting?” he asked. We told him.

“Oh yeah, there’s no law up there, man,” he said. “You’re up there at the top of the mountain. No one can hear your screams.”

My point is, the Twins are in town this weekend. The Brewers got beat as bad as that Twins fan tonight, 4-0 6-0 9-0 10-2 as of this posting. But we know where they live: in that thar bubble, the Metrodome. When we went to that gopher hole for the Wisconsin game last fall, the place was at least half Badgers.

But the Twinsfans also travel well, and there will be a sizable contingent in the Convertible Confines this weekend. Twinsfans are good in bed, btw.

Broadway Joe will be in town (from Minneapolis) for the game on Sunday. P-house just received word he will be allowed to join Joe at “the U.” Traitors. In honor of this occasion, I watched “Little Big League” with Posh last night. This is the 1994 movie where a little kid inherits the Twins.

It was cool to see a much younger Ken Griffey Jr. (who just hit his 600th home run) and Lou Piniella (who now manages the Cubs) and Randy Johnson (who recently got rocked by the Crewers) starring as themselves in the one-game playoff between the Mariners and the Twins. After tonight’s embarrassing loss, hopefully I’ll have the chance to mutter the same thing the kid’s friend says in the stands after Griffey launches a homer in the movie.

“That’s a shame.”

And I’ll also be hoping against hope that they’ll bring in Jonathan Silverman as a relief pitcher.


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