You know, for kids!

Brewers management has a press conference scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at Helfaer Field to recognize players providing financial support for the chilluns — funding youth baseball leagues, giving away tickets, etc — by donating to Brewers Charities, the team’s official charity for youth activities.

Ryan Braun will offer comments on behalf of Craig Counsell, Mike Cameron, Bill Hall, J.J. Hardy and Jeff Suppan. Conspicuously absent? Recent Viva célèbre Seth McClung (Brauny gets the podium… can you say “franchise?”). Is this because Seth MC didn’t chip in money when he founded the West Virginia Rush Athletic Program, or didn’t tow the company line by throwing in for Brewers Charities in particular?

Not for nothin’ — those guys are all apparently great guys — but where’s y’boy MC Clung? After Sunday’s performance, when “Chucky” chucked for a solid 6 innings and cracked a double just ’cause, you would think they would take every opportunity to trot him out. He’s been getting much love, and incredible, detailed analysis.

And he’s a part of the reason I’ve been struggling an angle for a Viva post about Sunday with the fam in the Convertible Confines: because it was that good.


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