Who’s your daddy?

As I hinted at earlier, nobody could find anything to complain about at the game Sunday… not even grandma. The roof was open, the panels were open and it was a beautiful day. The Brewers played a close, interesting game FTW. The crowd got on the Twins manager when he came out to argue and exploded in cheers as the ump drew back his arm to give him the heave-ho. The only thing that was missing was baby blue bats for Father’s Day.

Plus, McClung!

Before the game, we sampled Usinger’s brats and chorizo, Klements mild Italians and Ballpark franks at the crib. It was a success to offset the failure of the infamous Labor Day 2007 grill-out when I couldn’t light a fire in a mini-Webber without lighter fluid.

I didn’t even mind the singing of “God Bless America” all that much, because the sellout crowd of 41,693 sang it with the drunken bombast of a soccer anthem. The Miller Park AV Club caps the Jumbotron display with a photo of a buffalo at home on the range, which was pretty out-of-context hilarious. “Buffalo?!”

So as I head off to the Jays game tonight, I’ll leave you with a couple of shots, one of P-House, G-Pa and me and another of Mike Cameron’s home run, courtesy of m’bro Nic, “The Dude.”


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