Back in the MKE, reppin’ 414

Two of my greatest friends came back to Brew City yesterday and we went to the game, as we are wont to do. These reunions usually bring an “Ocean’s 11” line to my mind:

Basher: It will be nice working with proper villains again.

The morning after such reunions usually bring other lines to mind.

Linus: Are you suicidal?

Rusty: Only in the morning.

Four of us were there for an exciting win with 34,438 other yokels, which after a rowdy Tuesday lead me to the question: “What are all these people doing here?! This is a school night, people!”

The season attendance is at 1,169,829 according to baseball reference. Last year, Miller Park finished with 2,869,144. That’s as much as baseball was drawing when it first came to town. I dug out a bit I wrote following my midday gate crash which was never published:

Miller Park recorded 2.8 million attendees at baseball games last year, and there is a buzz this year within the baseball organization of the possibility of hitting the 3 million mark, according to stadium district director Michael Duckett. The only years Milwaukee professional baseball franchises recorded higher attendance were 1957 and 1982 — years in which the Braves and Brewers, respectively, reached the World Series.
“We’re averaging what used to be our high-water mark,” Duckett said.
The stadium has welcomed nearly 16 million attendees in its sevevn years of operation, he said, averaging around 2.3 million per year. This was despite the Brewers playing slightly worse in the first seven years of Miller Park than the last seven years of Milwaukee County Stadium (0.447 winning percentage, compared to 0.466).
Duckett said the sports magazine Sports Illustrated has conducted fan satisfaction surveys on the stadiums of Major League Baseball for the last three years, and Miller Park has finished first in 2006, fourth in 2007 and second this year.

If you think I’ve been going to a lot of games lately, think about it this way: I personally represent 14 of that 1,169,829 — 0.00001196756 percent!

The Crew is 12-2 in those games, and 3-0 in the last three games. And it’s all because of me.


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