Kid, we’re gonna make you a star

We were joking about how big of a nerd I am about Viva Cerve last night, and I offered to do my best to make anyone who wishes an Internet celebrity. Laura was enthusiastic about this prospect. We got to wandering around the stadium last night, and came upon a cameraman.

“Hey, howya doin’?”

“Hi,” Laura purred. “Wanna put me on television?”

Goddamn it — it’s good to have you back.

“Sure,” the cameraman said. “Hop on over.”

Laura shrugged and started to jump the fence.

“Wait, you can’t come back here.”

“Why not? You’re in charge.”

“Haha, no I’m not. Security’s in charge.”

Shot down. So we moseyed over to the pitching challenge booth. Here’s her 54-mph change-up. Somebody give that chick a contract!

I couldn’t match that — but I was throwing more consistent
strikes than anybody else who was playing. It’s all about control!


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