Thank you… for a real good time

My friend Dan took me to the game last night, and when we hang out, things can get sort of gluttony-y. Going back to the first instance in memory, the time I ate an unprecedented three of his mom’s “meatloaf” hamburgers, which literally floored me, us together spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e for our internal organs. We were able to pull back from the brink of disaster last night in an effort to pretend to be growns up.

The Brewers, meanwhile, were feasting on the long ball. Here’s Craig Counsell being parenthesized by a high-five while coming home after his first roundtripper of the year. Craiggers!

Miller Park drew a good crowd of 37,065 fans and they got the kind of game fans like to see — no runs by the other guys and all our runs on homers.

For a Tuesday, it was rowdy.

As we were walking in, we heard a cheer go up. Prince had hit one out. Then Counsell, and now Branyan.

We started wandering around, searching for comestibles and cocktails. Lucy is the lady who works at the beer stand outside Dan’s season ticket seats.

This of course made me think of the Grateful Dead song “Loose Lucy” if only because her name was Lucy, and as Jerry’s voice crackles on the iPod at Maxie’s:

“Singing yeah… yeah… yeah… yeah
Singing thank you… for a real good time”

Dan mentioned to Lucy that she’s been at every one of the games he’s attended as part of his 10-pack.

“Oh ya, I haven’t missed a game this season,” Lucy said.

“Yeah, you’ve been here every time I’ve been here,” Dan said.

“Of course, I’ve been in the system for 21 years,” she said.

I tried Point’s Nude Beach, which caused some interest due to its name and is much better than awful Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat, probably not as good as Capital’s Island Wheat Ale. Nobody can touch New Glarus’ Spotted Cow, of course.

We wondered off fantasizing about serving beer at baseball games for 21 years.

Then Ryan Braun hit a home run… Twice.


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