We hate your kids

Jk, jk… Every tier of MP was full Tuesday of crazy chilluns hopped up on stadium food and their beleaguered parents — and they were all wearing the uniforms of various major league, minor league and made-up teams.

“What is the deeeaaal with all these kids?” I said as we were exiting.

“It’s Little League night!” said… some dude.

Those kids went wild for the chance at one of Ryan Braun’s outfield warm-up toss baseballs, I’ll tell you what.

It was refreshing to see their youthful exuberance, undeterred by the heft of the working world or the charms of cheap booze.  Some of their antics were pretty funny as well, but not as funny as the remark of one Toronto fan, who was certainly beaten down by the weight of watching his team get shut-out and the charms of cheap booze.

“Damn it! Where the fuck did I park my dog sled?”


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