Yeah, here comes the Rooster

Following P-funk’s post about Craigers, I’d like to share the story of my run-in with the Counseller. Last summer, he came in to Maxie’s with a group of folks, including a couple of strapping dudes and a couple of attractive women.

“Dude, is that Craig Counsell?” Dananger asked from behind the bar.

“Whaaat?” I said incredulously. “Let me take a closer look … Dude, I’ll say this: I’m not so sure that’s not Craig Counsell.”

The party took up a large table in Shannon’s section, and although she had no idea who C.C. was, we needled her for information. Then the revealing moment came, when Shannon was clearing plates and Michelle Counsell was telling the other women how much she liked Maxie’s.

“I come here all the time while he’s at practice,” she said.

Shannon, standing with plates in hand, was dazed and decided to speak up.


“Yeah… you know… baseball,” Mrs. Counsell chirped.

What a classic exchange: “you know… baseball” — you know, our national pastime, and the thing that has merrily provided for my family. Baseball!

I made sure I positioned myself at the host stand when the party started to leave. The ladies lingered, but the men trooped out in a single file. Counsell gave me an intense, knowing head nod. The Brewers were in the heat of the pennant race. Part of me wanted to strangle him and shout: “You hold the hopes and dreams of this lousy little town in your scrawny arms — now get out there and play!

But they were gracious folks, and I hoped they would return. I wrote this in the log book:

Wednesday, Sept. 13

We had our first real, live Milwaukee Brewer in tonight. Craig Counsell & Company sat at Shannon’s table, with his wife and maybe Joe Dillon… Apparently his wife comes in all the time while he’s at practice — so keep an eye out for Mrs. Counsell at blunch. Hopefully, our hospitality will pay off & inspire him to get hot.

It’s September, people — we need our veterans to step up and we need to play as a team. Get ready for a big weekend.

Play on, player,

John B.


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