Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!

The week after I hit up 5 games of the Brewers 9-game home stand, I returned to the road trip routine of, you know, actually communicating with the outside world.

“Hi John! Did you just come from the game?” chirps a coworker.

Uh, the game was this afternoon in Atlanta… but, uh… thanks for asking? Ok, truth is, I thought about it. Another coworker knew the team was traveling, but also knew I’ve made raids on the Mini-Apple before.

“Are you going to go to Minnesota for a game this weekend?”

“Well, I have to work at Maxie’s and I have my friend Dan’s housewarming party, so… No, I’m not. Not as of right now… Unless…”

Oh just give it up. It’s just announced, though, that Posh and I are going to San Diego for a weekend in August, which promises to be full of many, many “Anchorman” quotes and probably a Brewers day game at PETCO Park. Take me to Pleasure Town.


2 responses to “Bark twice if you’re in Milwaukee!

  1. San Diego? I believe that’s Spanish for “a whale’s vagina.”

    Pretty cool though; try to make time for the zoo.

  2. Was in the Brewcity Sunday driving past the Brewers castle. Rather imposing structure. The roof was open inviting in the sunlight and the birds. I hear the Crew was in the Twin Cities getting spanked. Nice job. Can’t help but think about Twin fans complaining with their new crib. Rain, cold wind, snow flurries. Right! Spend thousands for a park without a roof. Tax dollars at work. Lots of people up there must think the same since the purple and gold are building a new whole for the rodent without a roof as well. Wow. Back to being in Brew City. Dropped off little sister at the parents house. Nice visit. Watched Spain do Germany. Good to see. Look at the jerseys. You could tell who was wearing the winning colors. Nice shirts Deutschland. Ah what are the countries colors?
    G Pa again with award winning garden. Brats, dogs, spud salad. Course I drank the most beer. I don’t feel guilty. Just recycling glass. Will have to make that trip again before the summer is gone.

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