08 in ’08!

The Other J.J. came up with that catchy line yesterday, or today Rome time, or whatever, to describe the last-minute voting frenzy to get Ryan Braun a starting spot on the National League All-Star team roster.

Last night, the Real J.J. hit two homers off future HOF’er Randy Johnson. I remember listening to the All-Star game in my car last year, when J.J. came up for his only at-bat in the bottom on the 9th. That whole “represent the city” thing is suspect, I mean, Hardy’s from Arizona, right? But there I was, thinking, “Don’t fuck this up, J.J.” He walked. Whew.

Here’s who I voted for in the AL, because what the hell do I know about the American League? P-House and I get a little linky in the justifications.

First Base: Peña, C., TB
Second Base: Pedroia, D., BOS
Third Base: Crede, J., CWS
Shortstop: Renteria, E., DET — “Edgar Renterrriiiiaaaa!!!”
Catcher: Mauer, J., MIN
Outfielder: Gomez, C., MIN — “Got some friends in my BMW…”
Outfielder: Suzuki, I., SEA — Ichiroll Susushi!!!
Outfielder: Upton, B., TB- His name, B.J., stands for “Bossman Junior.”
Designated Hitter: Thomas, F., TOR — Sure, why not?

Here is the first round of my NL ballot. Subsequent rounds of voting are going to be straight party balloting for the Brewers.

First Base: Fielder, P., MIL
Second Base: Utley, C., PHI
Third Base: Jones, C., ATL — he has his own wine: Chipper Chardonnay, cheers!
Shortstop: Tejada, M., HOU- “I’m 32….seriously.”
Catcher: Kendall, J., MIL
Outfielder: Braun, R., MIL — “Ryan Brraaauun!!!”
Outfielder: Hart, C., MIL
Outfielder: Jenkins, G., PHI — or Brett Favre, we’ll take either.


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