Brave New World

I was working late on Saturday at Maxie’s. This cute older chick (the
cute younger chicks at Maxie’s are in short supply, much to my dismay)
was saying that the Brewers must — must — trade for CC Sabathia.

Her “Oh, they gotta” was ringing in my ears. It was early on the morning of July 6th and it had already been quite a long weekend. I slopped into my matress and fell asleep staring out the parking lot Zambonis that were sweeping the parking lot.

Posh Tosh came home from the bar ’rounds about 4 a.m. and siddled up to
me. I couldn’t muster conversation, but then she asked about the
Brewers. She was excited for Sunday’s game. She said I was slacking on
Viva and asked for the latest.

I said Ryan Braun might be an All-Star starter thanks to all those
Brewers fans bombarding the Interwebs, the Brewers might sweep the
Pirates for a nifty home sweep, and the Crew might land a big-timer
pitcher from the American League.

“So what, so they get this guy? What does that mean?” Posh asked.

“Well, they’ll have to pay him. And they give away the guy who
basically was the heir to Prince … but when they get this guy — his
name is CC — it will be a signal, from the people in charge, that
they’re going for it.”

The words sunk in. If the Crewers steal this big fat Indian — that’s the signal. This is the year. They’re going for it.

After a night and a morning of restless sleep, we headed out to the
game at a ripe 12:45 p.m. We harbored no Machiavellian machinations on
the All-Star game, the wild card or the playoffs. Tosh and I had
hardly reached our seats with our Bloody Marys when J.J. Hardy smacked
a homer, followed promptly by Ryan Braun’s 21st. They announced Braun and Sheets would be All-Stars and we gave them an ovation. The Cerve’s were in
business and started smacking the ball around, but Soup couldn’t hold
his shit, and before we knew it, it was all knotted up at 6-6.

Posh had seen some kids with “rwb” — Red, White and Bleu — margaritas, but we were glued to our seats until the Brewers could put themselves a comfortable margin about the Pirates, maybe something like a 10-6 lead. And then, as if via some genie’s lamp, shazaam, the Brewers have a scoring party and the game is far enough in the bag for us to search out those patriotic beverages. Later on, at dinner at Maxie’s, we saw the news that CC would be a Brewer.

And then this morning, at the press conference announcing the trade, Doug Melvin: “We’re going for it.”

And if we don’t make it, at least we’ll leave a lot of bodies in our wake.

So go ahead, go nuts, go apeshit. This is the year.


3 responses to “Brave New World

  1. I was scairt to talk about CC before his first start, but now I will. Awesome. Cool. What else can I say? A little shaky but he had the whole world on his shoulders. The Brewers World. Hopefully it calms down now for him.

    This is the year. I have to tell you that your “Agony and Ecstacy” is maybe my favorite post on this blog, I think. Could we experience something like that? I don’t know, but I went to my job feeling dizzy and weird. Yeah, I mean more than the usual!

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