I need 52, CC — stat!

The CC hangover is finally over. I think.

The Other J.J. was in town after his stint in Rome, and we got into the park in the 2nd inning, shortly after Ryan Braun’s 3-run homer. I didn’t take a camera because mine is old and doesn’t work well and I’m lazy. If I had brought one, I’d illustrate this post with a photo of the two kids at the entrance to our section in brand new Sabathia t-shirts. Just use your imagination. We saw two Sabathia strikeouts and then made for the concessions.

“What’ll it be, John, a large Lite?”

“I’m actually going to get a Spotted Cow.”

J.J. had been living on wings and Yuengling in Philly, and espresso and cigarettes in Rome, and told me he hadn’t had a brat or a Spotted Cow in about 9 months. That explained the desperation in his gait. Then he took a gulp — amber, opaque, delicious. A real “I drink your milkshake” moment.

It only got better when we each picked up a bratwurst (with Stadium sauce and sauerkraut) and a chorizo (in a tortilla with salsa).

The last time I had sunflower seeds, some guy was like “Oh are those the big ones?  Nah, man, you gotta get the big ones.” I wasn’t aware there was any other kind than the ones I was eating. I told him my mouth had developed the muscle memory for cracking the small ones and I was sticking to ’em.  So J.J. brought some Planters seeds in a resealable bag, and after comparing the two, I say I like the little ones better.

See, once I cracked the seed with my teeth and removed the seed with my tongue, the seeds were two unwieldy to flick off my lips with a short pfft of air. I could do it, but not with accuracy I’m used to, and I didn’t want to hit the two old ladies sitting in front of us (who were seriously going to town on a bag of Red Vines Licorice).

Between innings, the video board played the U.S. Cellular “Guess that ringtone” game, which reminded me of one of my ringtones “Shake yo’ moneymaker” by Ludacris and Pharrell. But instead of getting the smooth chorus, I downloaded the part where Luda yelps “Shake! Shake! Shake! Yo’ moneymaker!” Then I set it as my alarm clock ring. I’m an idiot.

So to remedy this, I downloaded Ryan Braun’s batter-up song, “Go-Getter.” And not the Young Jeezy part either, the R Kelly chorus. I text’d Posh to tell and she replied that she was watching the game and actually enjoying it.

“‘2008 will now be called the cc sabathia season’”

“Omg, did they really say that?”

“Yes they did. I feel a sabathia t shirt coming on”


One response to “I need 52, CC — stat!

  1. I seriously debated buying the Planters seeds in the resealable bag or the David brand seeds in their regular bag. Normally, I’m all David’s, all the time. In the heat of the moment, the resealable bag seemed like a good idea. No more.

    I wish David brand made a resealable bag, though.

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