Sabathia, FTW

Before we talk about the All-Star festivities and the health cadre of Crewers representing in the Bronx, I’d like to have a word about Sunday’s game. Several of my companions on that beautiful day remarked it was probably the best day of the summer so far.

It was certainly an incredible game, entertaining throughout. My main observation, and this is not breaking news: C.C. Sabathia is the motherfucking Truth.

My friends could only grab standing room only tickets, so we were standing behind the right field foul pole on bottom of the 3rd. Jason Kendall grounded out to third, and my group started walking up the stairs.

Last week while we stood in the same spot, I told Posh I’ve always wanted to be sitting right on the foul line and watch a player ding the pole for a home run. There was no way I was walking away from this at-bat.

The hefty lefty (“Did you know he was to play football at USC?!”) pulled a pitch deep down the right field line. I lost it for a second in the shadow of the right field bleachers, until it bounced off the metal flooring just behind the Mercedes-Benz Fieldhaus, where Craig Coshun and Davey Nelson do the post-game show, and into the hands of a few fans sprawled out in the VIP area behind the stage.

“Hey man! Let’s get a look at that ball!”

It’s a comment on our times that he knew what I wanted from my out-held cellphone. I couldn’t figure out how to transfer the file off my Razr, which, let’s face it, is a shitty phone — so here it is. As if energized by the dinger, C.C. started striking dudes out, including all three batters in the 9th.

“When he struck out the side, I knew the game was over,” I told P-House.

“I knew the game was over when Craig Counsell — The Other C.C. — came up to bat,” he said.

Bring CoCo Cordero, the former Brewer. One pitch. Sac fly. Game.


3 responses to “Sabathia, FTW

  1. I was at this game too, in the standing room only area of section 222. Watching CC’s homer fly out was one of my favorite moments of the season so far. And I just knew the other CC would get it done for us in the bottom of the 9th.

    However, tailgating conditions were far too windy for my tastes. I fell victim to the old chair-blows-out-from-under-me-just-as-I’m-sitting-down gag. I landed on my right elbow, which now looks weirdly like I had the flag of Turkey tattooed onto it. Alcohol and speed were not factors in the crash. This time.

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