I Predict a Riot

There has been much rejoicing in Miller Parkland over Bill Hall’s late-inning go-ahead homer — and the euphoria here was redoubled when he did it again last night.

The subsequent reports of the stare-down he gave the Cardinals’ bench have me thinking one thing: there’s a brawl a-brewin.’

The Cerveceros team has already been to a couple of intense rematches of the ’82 series this season — including the Yadier Molina shitshow. As we’ve documented before, Brewers such as Seth McHung (that one was Posh’s idea) aren’t afraid of the Cards, or following orders. Ned Yost, after appearing briefly to have a man-crush on St. Louis manager Tony La Russa, seems to have come back from the Dark Side and will throw at the Cardinals’ stars, although it has backfired before.

I will be very surprised if we don’t get to see some bench-clearing action before the Brewers come home on Friday. This situation reminds me of the atmosphere surrounding the Rays-Red Sox fights earlier this year — teams are more likely to put up their dukes when the games matter. And in the words of Grandpa Simpson: “I’ll be deep in the cold, cold ground before I acknowledge Missouri!”

Yours Truly,

Angry Mob


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