Yes We Can

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Cerveceros nation! I am still fired up and ready to go for this next home stand! First of all, I want to thank, my worthy opponent, the St. Louis Cardinals, for allowing us to sweep them in their own backyard. They did an outstanding job, so give them a big round of applause.

Ya know, a few weeks ago, no one could have imagined what we did in St. Louis and San Francisco. We know our climb would be steep. But because of you speaking up for a change in the NL Central, you’ve made it clear that in this moment, in this season, there is something happening in Major League Baseball.

There’s something happening when men and women in Milwaukee and Madison, in Sheboygan and Sun Prairie, wait in lines for beer and Corey Hart jerseys because they believe in what this team can be. Something is happening when fans come out in numbers we have never seen because they know that this time must be different. Change is what’s happening in Major League Baseball.

You, all of you, all who put so much heart and soul into this campaign, you can be the new majority who can lead this city out of a quarter-of-a-century-long post season darkness.

That’s why tonight belongs to you. It belongs to the blog readers and the tailgaters and the season ticket holders who believed in this journey and rallied so many others to join the cause.

We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics, baseball analysts, and Cub lovers. They will only grow louder and more dissonant in the weeks and series to come.

For when we have faced down impossible odds, when we’ve been told we’re not ready, or that our small market team shouldn’t try, or that we can’t, fans from around Wisconsin have responded with a simple creed that sums up the spirit of the Brewers: Yes We Can.

It was a creed that motivated Hank Aaron’s bat to swing for the fences in ’57, Yes We Can. It was felt in the hearts of the Milwaukee Bears of the Negro Leagues, Yes We Can. It was chanted by mutton-chopped men of the Cream Citys, and it echoed at Borchert Field, Yes We Can. It was the spirit of 1982, the cause of Molitor and Yount, it was in the glory of County Stadium, and in the joy of Bernie’s slide, Yes We Can. Yes We Can to the pennant and the playoffs. Yes We Can to Attanasio and Melvin. Yes We Can repair this city with the roar of fans calling for first place.

So tonight as we return to our own clubhouse to take this campaign against tough division rivals, as we learn that the struggles of Rollie Fingers and Warren Spahn are not so different from the challenges that face Sheets and Sabathia, that the hopes of the blue-collar worker in Oak Creek are the same as a young college-grad in West Bend.

That we are not as divided as our guarded excitement suggests. That we are one fan-base. We are one Milwaukee. And together we will begin the next great chapter in the Brewers story with three words that will ring from Summerfest to State Fair, from the Cooperstown to Miller Park: Yes We Can!

This speech was sponsored by the Yost/Maddux ’08 campaign.


4 responses to “Yes We Can

  1. This is awesome. I even feel included because I live in Sun Prairie.

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