Taking back the High Life

Much of baseball season coincides with wedding season, and on Saturday I was away from the Convertible Confines for some such nuptials. I wasn’t concerned with the game because the Brewers don’t dominate my lifestyle — seriously — and I can take a night off. I don’t need it… I can quit anytime I…

“Dude, the game’s on in that little room over there,” my old roommate Nate said as I passed him in the hallway.

Annnnd, we’re back.

Nate is a Green Bay native and pro football fan firstly. The Brewers were the wurst of the worst when we lived together.

“I thought you didn’t like baseball.”
“I dunno,” he said. “It’s been pretty exciting lately. Uh-oh, Braun’s up.”

Braun was up, with a runner on first, the Brewers down by 2 runs in the bottom of the seventh and Windell Middlebrooks, the High Life delivery guy, in the stands. Braun swung at a 3-2 pitch and…

“Aw, shit! He housed it!”
“I don’t know — did he get all of it?!”
[cut to Astros’ CF Darin Erstad going back, giving up, as the ball smacks off the ivy and bounces back onto the field]
[cut to Braun rounding second, pumping fists and screaming “Fuck yeah!”]
[cut to Middlebrooks and everyone in his section jumping up and down] [Scene]

With the score tied, I returned to the festivities and on the dance floor about 15 minutes later, got a text from The Other J.J., who was at a bar with Suds in D.C.

Ballgame, 6-4 good guys. Your FIRST PLACE milwaukee brewers.

The Cubsfan, smuggy as always, also attended the wedding, along with her parents. I said hello to her dad, and thanked him again for his hospitality during my first trip to Wrigley.

“You know, watching the Cubs make the playoffs with you guys was really special. I’m a Brewers fan, of course, but they were in the cellar that year and I could appreciate your excitement. It was really something to see.”
“Aw, well, thanks,” he said. “By the way, did the Brewers win tonight?”
“Yeah,” I said, with a smuggish smile of my own. “Yeah, they did.”


Posh and I went to the game Sunday, which unfortunately mirrored one of Middlebrooks’ lines from the High Life commercials.

“Baseball is about sitting in the sun and watching your favorite pitcher get lit up. Take him out!!”

The Cubs and Brewers go to the mattress tonight. C.C. stands for Cursed Cubs.


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