Heeelllooo, Trenni!

Ed. — I directed P-House! to figure out a way to get more hot chicks on these pages, thus increasing our readership — he writes about the current hotly debated (I know, wtf, right?  What decade are we in?) female sideline reporter issue. Erin Andrews : ESPN :: Veronica Corningstone : Channel 4 News San Diego?

During the Cubs series, there wasn’t much that really could have cheered me up. I was standing on the service elevator and this smokin’ hot chick comes walking on. Thank you, God. And I tried to discreetly see what her name was on her Brewers name tag. Then Joyce, the elevator lady, says, “Hot day out there, Trenni.”

I was blown away. It was FSN Wisconsin’s Trenni Kusnierek. Normally on TV she just seems like an over-enthusiastic, token female sideline reporter who is OK, looks-wise. But in real life, daaaamn!

I think we’re all in agreement that she’s no Erin Andrews ’cause — I mean — let’s get serious. But since Trenni is a Wisconsin native, ya gotta love her. And she’ll probably work her way up to like a Pam Oliver, Michele Tafoya, or Suzy Kolber status, who knows. Just hope you bump into her on the street, ’cause you’d probably volunteer to give up red meat just to have her interview you… those lucky, lucky Brewers players.


One response to “Heeelllooo, Trenni!

  1. “Mr. Burgundy, you have a *massive* erection.”

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