Rehab for a Cynic

I’m not going to lie, last night, the Brewers weren’t my first viewing choice. Like most Americans, I was locked into the story of the true leader of the free world, the Baltimore Bullet, Superman: Michael Phelps. Eight golds, eat it, China.

Once the obsessive coverage of that had ended, I flipped over to check out the seemingly slow game going on in Los Angeles. (Among the workers on the club level, it’s well-known that when Dave Bush pitches, expect a long day. He works slow. Ugh.)


The game gradually turned into a freakin’ emotional rollercoaster. The agony and the ecstasy in action. It looks like the Brewers would squeak out a win on the back of some cool amazing kickass defensive plays from the Crewers’ outfield. Corey Hart stretching out and face-planting into the wall. Mike Cameron getting a mouthful of grass on a diving catch. And then, of course, Gabe Kapler Lambeau-leaping into the stands to rob a homerun. And then Hardy drives in the pinch-hitter Ryan Braun with a two-run homer. Even Gagne pitched half-decent on his return to Dodgers Stadium. Finally, the Brewers showing some clutch-some real cajones.

King Salomon inherits a sticky situation and his situation becomes even stickier when J.J. boofs a possible double-play ball, and Counsell can’t contain a groundball. Here we go, another meltdown. Well, what’s on Comedy Central?

Torres gets out of the 9th allowing the tying run-on to extras. Good, nothing else was on anyway.

Top 10, J.J. redeems himself with an RBI single to take the lead. He better play well now. David Riske takes the mound to slam the door on LA. His last name is a good adjective for my feeling towards him pitching in this tight situation.

I switch to ESPN quick, I come back, and runners are on second and third with 2 outs and Manny Ramirez at the plate. Oh God, Manny’s up. Well, at least we kept it close.

50-something thousand Dodger fans were going nuts for this huge moment, 2 strikes, here’s the pitch: Strikeout! He got Manny! Game over!

My inner monologue began: Ya know, my cynicism certainly wasn’t very Brewer fanlike. I need to keep the fire alive, have a bit more faith in the boys in blue. In years prior, the Brewers probably would have cracked under the pressure. But like Melvin said, “This is the year.” I need to re-dedicate myself, as a fan, and focus on the push for the pennant. I need to believe. Don’t stop believin’.


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