Trevor Time

In Part One, Posh and I arrived in San Diego and found an oceanside desert oasis of baseball, with a bar. Part two… Photos by Posh.

Jake Peavy was edging Ben Sheets, striking out eight Brewers to Ben’s four Padres, in a tight, scoreless game. Then in the top of the 7th, things got a little loose. Bill Hall walked, and made it to second on a wild pickoff throw to first. Mike Cameron came up.

“Oh, he always strikes out,” Posh said.

Cameron was a Padre last year, and there was a family three rows in front of us, all wearing matching Cameron Padres jersey T-shirts. But this time he actually got a hit — which scored Hall! Then, he was thrown out stealing second. D’oh!


In the bottom of the inning, things got very loose for Sheets. He gave up: a single, a double, a single, a wild pitch, a sac fly, a fly out which advances the runner and a single. The Crew was suddenly down 3-1. Brian Shouse had been warming up in the visiting team’s bullpen. Petco Park, built in 2004, has a cushy bullpen for the Padres behind the left field wall, but makes the visiting team’s relievers warm up in the right field foul territory, à la that shitcan Wrigley Field.

Shouse came in an allowed a single to right field, but as Padre Jody Gerut came around third, he covered the plate. Gerut slid — right into Shouse’s leg. Gerut got up and started walking to the dugout, and the umpire made no call, just hovered in the area with his body tense and his arms at his side. Kendall ran up to Shouse and said something, with his arm around him. Shouse ran up to Gerut and tagged him, and the ump pumped his fists. Gerut never touched home plate!

The Brewers left two guys on base in the 8th. In the bottom half, Shouse struck out the first two batters, and then was pulled for Éric Serge Gagné. Posh has already made her feelings known.

“Gagne sucks!” she yelled. “Take him out!”

“They’re not booing,” I said. “They’re saying Kooooooouz… manoff.”

Kouzmanoff got a double before Gagne got the final out of the 8th. So here we go, last chance.

Suddenly, AC/DC’s “Hell’s Bells” kicks on the sound system and every scoreboard and screen starts flashing “Trevor Time.” Oh no. It’s Trevor Hoffman. I tried to stay calm, telling myself we’ve seen that Trevor Hoffman can be beat. but in the Padres fans’ cheers I could hear real happiness. This is their guy. He’s been doing this for them for more than a decade.

Bill Hall, strikeout. Thanks for playing, Bill. Cameron stepped into the batter’s box.

“Oh, he always strikes out,” Posh said again.

But this time he didn’t — he hit a solo shot, which gave us hope for a comeback. Kendall stepped in and hit one back, back, back toward the warning track, annnnd caught. Gabe Kapler pinch hit.





And grounded out. That’s your ball game, folks.

Go fuck yourself, San Diego.


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