Fever is spreading

As mentioned recently, I, P-House!, am up in “Twins Territory” going to school in order to be able to cheer for the Brewers in a more educated fashion. And I have a few observations that I think the folks back in Brewtown would definitely appreciate.

  • Today-the first day of classes-I saw more Brewers paraphernalia being worn by my fellow students than Twins and Cubs gear combined. Hell yes, the waves are rippling out from Miller Park.
  • I have my Brewers bobbleheads sitting atop my computer desk that I’m at right now (As I write, J.J. nods approvingly). Upon noticing a few sausages bobbling due to the breeze, my roommate inquired as to why I “have two hot dog bobbleheads”. By hot dogs he means the Chorizo and Polish sausage ones. I explained to him the Sausage Race at Miller Park, he noted that Milwaukee seems like a pretty fun place. Agreed.
  • Appreciate Ueck and Jim Powell of AM 620 and Brian Anderson, Bill Schroeder, and “Sexy Trenni” of FSN, because ESPN Gamecast just isn’t the same. Especially when you’re monitoring CC’s no-hitter.
  • In Minnesota, they do not allow you to buy alcohol on Sundays. ‘Nough said. Appreciate.
  • I was talking to a guy named Logan from Eau Claire today, he told me that his father is such a devout Brewers fan that at a PTA meeting that was called to discuss giving the school a new nickname, he proceeded to suggest “Brewers”. It received no votes. But it’s the effort, kids. 

To conclude, Brewers fever is spreading. And the only prescription is the playoffs.


One response to “Fever is spreading

  1. If you’re in Minneapolis, you can at least attempt to get the Brewers on radio; it’s on 106.3 out of River Falls. Sometimes they don’t broadcast games if they are on at the same time as the Packers, though. (But you can listen to the Packers then?)

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