For Immediate Release

John Buchel

Viva Cerveceros mourns failure of “Yost/Maddux ’08” ticket
Milwaukee brothers still hope for the playoffs following firing of Brewers skipper

The creators of the Web site Viva Cerveceros expressed disappointment and dismay Monday at the firing of Ned Yost.

Three Milwaukee brothers created a Web site filled with everyday tales of the denizens of Miller Parkland. Together, they drew up a campaign to support the team, it’s pitching coach Mike Maddux, and Yost, the much-maligned former manager of the Milwaukee Brewers. Area writer John Buchel, 25, drafted a “Yost/Maddux ’08” logo based on the design of President Bush’s 2004 campaign bumper stickers.

Now he’s stuck with 900 outdated bumper stickers and a sinking feeling he may not see October baseball.

“It was a play on the ‘Bush/Cheney ’04’ logo, which I thought had a very solid design,” Buchel said. “It worked on many levels — their names are the same number of letters, and there are many people who feel the Bush-Cheney regime should be impeached, just as with the ‘Yost bashers’ who are happy to see Ned go.”

“When Doug Melvin announced ‘we’re going for it,’ I thought Yost would continue as the manager at least until the end of the season,” Buchel said. “Boy, was I wrong.”

“But then, I never believed our team would lose 11 of 14 games to start September,” he added. The Brewers have now lost 13 of 17 games to start the month.

Buchel printed stickers with the logo to promote his Brewers fan Web site, Viva Cerveceros. The site relates the memories and fan experiences of Buchel, who lives within walking distance of Miller Park. He enlisted another brother, Paul Buchel, 19, to help with the site by adding political and sports knowledge, humor and stories from the hallways of the stadium. Nic Buchel, 23, streamlined the bumper sticker design and has also provided artwork for the site.

“I’m shocked,” said Paul Buchel from Minneapolis, where he attends college. “This is seriously screwing with my head. I don’t know what to think.”

Despite the surprising news, the brothers still have high hopes for the team and expects it will play in the postseason.

“As young guys, we know what it’s like to work for an incompetent teacher or boss,” Buchel said. “Sometimes when a bad situation like that changes, your production and motivation skyrockets and you’re able to accomplish incredible goals.”

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One response to “For Immediate Release

  1. Did I read this correctly? P House adding political knowledge? Is this the same dude who after moving to the “Cities” passed on the anti war protest at the RNC only to sit at a computer watching the “booble heads” bouncing in front of his grill and starring at a screen for the latest Crew news? Once in a life time event to carry a home made sign, get real interaction with police, get handcuffed for a cause, get pepper sprayed, let the war mongers know exactly what you think, give up your body for a cause! P House let us all down. He could have represented us all. Made his parents and uncle proud. Wow! Well. He is been on is own for only a few weeks. There maybe some hope. Perhaps he needs some coaching! Get out there man and report to us!!

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