Wake me up when September ends…

So there has been a lapse. In the meantime, the Crew should have won three games against the Cubs – but they only won one. Oh yeah, and Ned Yost was fired. I had an entire conversation with Posh in which I didn’t mention the status of the team, which is highly unusual. She text’d me:

Omg babe you didn’t fill me in on the Yosty thing last night! No brewer update… are you feeling okay?

Am I feeling OK? Am I feeling OK? No, I’m not feeling OK – I am FREAKING OUT!!! The team fired their manager, when they’re tied for the Wild Card with 12 games to go. I have no idea what the fuck is going on. All I know is C.C. is pitching tomorrow, and everything will be fine.

Oh wait.

We are in big, big trouble. Yes. We are. But right now, we’re also chasing the Mets. Yes, those Mets. And as Larry the Sports Guy said to me, chasing the Mets is a lot more appealing than chasing the Fightin’ Phils, for right now.


So I’m not giving up. Nothing is over until we say it is. We’ve stayed at the party past our welcome before, still singing “Heroes” by David Bowie long after others have passed out on couches and the floor. Why not us? Why not now? 


4 responses to “Wake me up when September ends…

  1. When things get tough, and your back is up the wall, and maybe if you’re fighting aliens from outer space (or the NL East), there’s really only one thing to do: Watch this YouTube clip.

  2. These last couple weeks have been ugly. The Phillies series…WTF…I can’t even say anything. But what really took the cake was that Cubs game, you know the one, when Torres blew up on what should have been a sure win against the hated cubs. I was seriously eyeing the window after that one. I work on the 4th floor. That one kind of broke my spirit. No, wait, it wasn’t that one, it was the 11-2 loss to the Reds. Whatever.

    But please, Buchel brothers, keep on posting on your blog. How about that video posted by The Other JJ? How about that Prince walk-off homer tonight? Hey??? We’re in this.

  3. haha, I was straight-up wasted when I posted that.

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