“Heck yeah, Brew Crew”

With the Twins just missing the playoffs this year and the Cubbies having their 100th Annual Collapse, all you see up here in the Twin Cities are retro and current Brewers fans paraphernalia. But it’s not just the jerseys and hats, it’s the enthusiasm. We’re underdogs, we’re like Seabiscuit, we’re like the 1980 “Miracle on Ice”, or like anything produced by Disney. Awesome. Everyone was clutch in Game 3 and The Crew lives to see another day on Sunday to keep Octoberfest 2008 going in Milwaukee. Whoa, whoa, the Brewers and the Packers playing on the same day, at the same time?! 

That’s right. These ain’t the days of John Jaha and Scott Karl no more. This whole week, I’ve seen Brewers fans coming out of the woodwork.

For example, after a night of intoxication, I went to Chipotle on Saturday afternoon, when I walk in: Fielder, Braun, Sabathia. Three guys standing there each with a Brewers t-shirt jersey. I instantaneously blurt out, “Yeahhh, Go Brewers!” and they respond by boisterously yelling “Hell yeah, Brewerrrrrs!” and I got a fist pound from each of them like I was Michelle Obama or something. 

Later on, I was going to my friends to view the spectacle itself. As I’m walking a middle-aged couple was taking up most of the sidewalk and I couldn’t find a chance to get around them. Finally they notice me but still don’t quit move. But then they look at my shirt and hat right as I see their hats. “Ohhh, Go Brewers!” is what they said to me as they moved aside. “Heck yes, tonight’s the night”. I started to speed past them when the guy says, “You think they can do it?” I turned around and said–with Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” playing in my head–“Ya gotta believe.” The man smiled from underneath his big sunglasses and slightly tipped his retro Brewers cap.

Then as I got on the bus for home, I hear, “Heck yeah, Brew Crew!” I looked up to see a guy pointing to his retro Brewers pin-stripe jersey. “Wasn’t that awesome tonight?” And he says, “Hey man, just remember to keep Brew-lieving.” 

We Believe. 


One response to ““Heck yeah, Brew Crew”

  1. Diving on some pig trail in the heart of Northeast Montana, windshield wipers swaying, gentle cold rain dancing on the windows, eyes glued for the thousands of deer that line the midnight roadside sending your heart into spasms, I found myself desperately tuning into some hand held short wave radio for the latest Brew scoring update. High school football players sitting in the back clueless as to the excitement and celebration taking place in the valley. They will never see a stadium as large, a city as large, or a big league game. But over 1,000 miles away, I was there via the radio. Nice run. Again. But the hang over. Sunday was brutal. The Badgers, the Brew Crew, the pack! Miami even went down. Will be drinking a lot of suds today. Need to find another stage, another wagon to jump on! How about the Buffalo Bills? What you say?

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