The Way of the Future

Last Sunday was hard to watch, especially considering that I was sitting alone, watching it on mute in the U’s bowling alley. I comforted my sorrow by ordering cheese curds and Sprecher Root Beer. It was the closest thing I could get to being there in Milwaukee for my boys. “My boys! My boys! What’s happening to my boys?!”-Gen. George Pickett

When it become clear that, barring some playoff magic, the Brewers were heading for the offseason, I was given a ray of hope: Yovani Gallardo and Manny Parra. 

YoGo and MaPa came into the game to relieve Suppan’s 15.00 ERA in just a few innings. Gallardo came in and pitched lights out for 3 innings allowing only one hit and striking out one. I thought to myself, “Wow, he’s looking good.”

Then Parra came in the 7th and continued pitching lights out for 1 2/3 innings allowing a hit and striking out three. He was throwing lasers. “How come *you* don’t have a laser, Woody?”-Mr. Potato Head

This gave me much hope for the future of the Brewers. With Sheets and Sabathia up for free agency, it’s no guarantee that we’ll get either of them back. (I’ve joined the Facebook group saying that we should start a “CC Tax” to raise enough money to keep him.)

But excluding the Sheets and CC talk for a while, the Brewers will still have two of the youngest, most promising arms at the top of their rotation.

Parra, in his first full season, quickly established himself as a dependable lefty for the Brewers. His 10-8 record this past year doesn’t reflect Parra’s ability to dominate. Granted he’s still developing, as most of the Brewers are, including Prince, so let’s not get pushy about it. I expect to see some major maturation from Parra over the offseason. 

I honestly think that Brewers could have been stronger this year if Gallardo wasn’t injured for most of it. But after some surgery and shaking off the dust in the playoffs, Gallardo should be prepared towards the top of the rotation and even in the number one spot. Watch for Yovani to quickly become a household name and don’t be surprised to see him representing the Brewers in the mid-summer classic next year–he’s hot stuff.

These two, even without the two established aces, can easily anchor the Brewers pitching staff. This year was a good test for the pitchers to see who will step up and who won’t. Parra, McClung, Torres, Bush, and Gallardo have certainly made it clear that they can handle the responsibilities of pitching.

Combine Gallardo and Parra with the Brewers kickass farm system and the Brewers are looking at “the way of the future, the way, the w-, the way of the fut-, the way of the future.”-Howard Hughes


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