Game Changer

John McCain was looking for a “Game Changer” in last night’s debate. He not only failed to come up with one, but made himself look like a bitter old man in the process. 

“Game Changer” is a very popular phrase right now, or should I say, five minutes ago. It’s on the lips of every political pundit and corporate manager, financial analyst and beat reporter. It’s already a quite tired cliché, especially because those hacks use it to gin up inconsequential events with the buzzword.

Apparently, Apple Computers understands what “Game Changer” really means — an event perpetrated by a single actor which destroys the linear narrative of the game — and it demonstrates this in the latest commercial for the iPhone.

Ryan Braun is a Game Changer.

The demonstration in the commercial inadvertently shows a pretty succinct summary of the last three weeks of the Brewers season. In it, the hand model selects the iPhone’s MLB app, which can be a “score checker…” The hand model selects the Brewers vs. Pirates score, which is tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 7th. “Live pitch updater…” It shows an at-bat by Corey Hart, with Fielder on deck. 

Hart’s batting average is .270, but he’s 0-4 on the day. 

Pitch 1 Called Strike (78.7 mph Curve Ball)

Pitch 2 Swinging Strike (89.1 mph Fast Ball)

Way to work the count, Corey. 

Pitch 3 Ball (89.0 mph Curve Ball)

“Or a video highlight player…” The hand model has three videos to choose from, including (Bill) “Hall’s RBI Double.” But that’s not the one he picks. “But anyway you cut it…” The next think you hear is Brian Anderson screaming, voice cracking:

“Ryan Braun swings… Annnnd IT’S GOOOONE!!! A GRAND SLAM!!!”

A disclaimer at the bottom of the screen notes in fine print “Sequence Shortened.” Whatever, it’s a five-second clip inside a demonstration in a 30-second commercial. To repeat a question my coworker asked me:

“You already saw that. How many times are you going to watch that play?”

“As many times as they show it, Shell. As many times as they show it.”


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    The word that’s giving me a headache…

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