So long, CC

We found out yesterday morning that CC Sabathia would not be returning to the Brewers. Which was inevitable, but still disappointing. 

“I thought you didn’t get attached like that,” Posh said. “You said guys come and go like this all the time.”

“Yes… But this is CC.”

It does sting that he went to the Yankees, those Damn Yankees. However, I accept the reality that in other sports there are a handful of franchises storied enough to take your act when you’re the best of the best, but in baseball it’s New York. Much has been made of whether Sabathia can live up to the pressure of playing in the City, to which I, as a  2005 fantasy football owner of Eli Manning, say “Yes He Can.”

When the offers first hit the table, a report came out that said CC had contacted Derek Jeter to ask him about playing in the Bronx. We all laughed and said he should also contact Alex Rodriguez. I’ve explained to Posh and my coworker Shell that Derek Jeter is a Winner, and A-Rod is simply not. 

I would also submit that the Yankees are not the same Yankees. Since the Incident of the Bloody Sock, they have officially become the underdog in the New York-Boston rivalry. When they (stupidly) let go of Joe Torre as their manager, I still clung onto the “I’ll believe it when I see it” attitude toward their playoff chances. And then I saw it. It’s hard to imagine them not making the playoffs with the off-season moves they’re making, but then again they play with the nearly world-beating Tampa Rays, the new evil empire of the Boston Red Sox, and Toronto and Baltimore, which in some divisions (the NL West this past year) might have been playoff teams. 

I wish CC the best. I hope he wins a championship and is known forever as a Winner. 

But more selfishly, think about this: there are a few athlete-celebrities who are subject to maximum exposure. There’s always going to be a couple of them, and wouldn’t you rather CC be included in the mix? When he arrived in Milwaukee and started dominating the opposition, it was like ESPN and the rest of the media gleefully remembered that “Hey, the best pitcher in the world is a lovable 6’7, 300 lb. Cali kid who can hit homers, has droopy-dog ears and a catchy name.” 

Here’s to you CC. Win some rings and sign up for that sweet, sweet endorsement cash, so we can watch your goofy mug, even during commercials. It’s at least as good as these clowns.

20041608071 peyton_mastercard03lebron_575


3 responses to “So long, CC

  1. “they have officially become the underdog in the New York-Boston rivalry”

    They’ve actually beat Boston in head to head competition the last few years. The Yankees are no ones underdog.

  2. I hope CC wins 20 games next year but the Yankees don’t make the playoffs. hahaha. Ok, I’ll try to be the bigger person. If they were to win the WS, I would be so happy for him. Though I hate the Yankees more than ever this week…

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