that lonely road

33311The Other J.J. text’d me this morning that he disapproves of the possible trade of Mike Cameron to the Yankees for Melky Cabrera, and I would have to agree. As of right now, that deal does not seem final.

I’ve been somewhat of a Mike Cameron apologist, and quick to point out that he had an awesome August, when many of his teammates were struggling. 

When the two players’ potential, age, ability and cost are examined the deal could be a very even trade. If the trade does go down, it will probably work out all right, especially if the Yankees sweeten the pot with a pitcher, which they should because the whole thing was their idea in the first place. And if Melky turns out to be a loser, there’s always the sexy (if possibly unwise) option of moving Corey Hart to center field and starting Tony Gwynn Jr. in right field. 

But I’ve got sort of a gut feeling about this. It has to do in part with what Posh and I saw in San Diego — Padres fans still wearing their Cameron jersey T-shirts, with no animosity, and Cameron representing more than half the Brewers offense that day against Jake Peavy and Trevor Hoffman — and partly due to how he handled his 25-game suspension at the beginning of last season.


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