Soundtrack to Trevor

I was reading this post at Miller Park Drunk, and was also alarmed at the idea of Trevor Hoffman abandoning his theme music ritual for save situations, especially because I’ve seen “Trevor Time” firsthand. This is what MP Drunk says:

I’m assuming that this means he only wants to hear that song when he is about to close in a real game and if that’s the case, that’s fine. Some, however, are speculating that this means that he wants to leave that song behind in San Diego and if that’s case I have just one thing to say to him.

insert enraged LOLcat.

You’re with us now and we love you, but you don’t you dare change your entrance music. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. … That’s crazy talk, man. Do you want nobody to like you? Because that’s what you are going to do if you don’t come out to Hell’s Bells. So, just kick the freakin’ AC/DC already!

I agree, in part. Brewers fans would all be lying if the idea of “Trevor Time” — a kick-ass AC/DC fire-up for the all-time saves leader — was not part of our excitement about the team acquiring Trevor Hoffman. But he’s said repeatedly how he is a Brewer now, and that mess in San Diego and all the hard feelings are behind him. I still think he should rock the AC/DC, but if he wants to leave “Hells Bells” in SoCal, I’m all for it.

When my brother Nic and I got our first CDs, he got AC/DC Live and Metallica’s Black Album, because he’s much cooler than I. My choices were Tonic’s “Lemon Parade” and Blues Traveler’s “Four.” Yes, those two bands are both now classified as “adult contemporary.”

We played that album on a loop, and “Hells Bells” was not our favorite. It takes too long to get to the Rock, what with the bells and everything. Miller Park is smaller than Petco Park, so Trevor will presumably take less time to get to the mound — you want the shrieking vocals to kick in right about then, right?

Consider the possibilities. The front runner would have to be “Thunderstruck.” I looked up this video the other night, and hoooolly shit, does it rock.

There’s even a version for Soup’s Troops:

  • Back in Black” and “Highway to Hell” certainly rock, but probably wouldn’t be appropriate. I think I just saw “BiB” on a Blackberry commercial. The team’s color is Midnight Blue. “HtH?” No, we want to win; “HtH” probably better describes the some of the postgame activities.
  • T.N.T.” would be fun, so as to see Miller Park first pump along with “Oy! Oy! Oy!” à la Camp Randall.
  • Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” would be perfect. The Hoff is coming in to clean up after the rest of the pitching Crew couldn’t keep the scoring cushion provided by the offense plumped up. And with the contract we got him for, he’s doing it on the cheap.
  • It’s a Long Way To the Top (If You Wanna Rock ’n Roll)” certainly describes the months of madness on the road and at home if the Brewers are going to make it back to the postseason (and beyond).
  • For Those About To Rock (We Salute You)” demonstrates what’s so great about all of these songs. They sort of sound the same. They all blend together on the same level… of awesomeness. There’s the slick guitar lick, followed by stomping guitar riff, followed by screeching lyrics, followed by shouted defiant statement. Pick one of these songs, a different song, hell, play them in a rotation on different days.

I would also like to hear “Rock ’n Rock Ain’t Noise Pollution.” This doesn’t have a lot that you can interpret as being about baseball. There is the first line, “Hey, all you middlemen…” which could be T-Hoff referring to the Crew’s middle relievers who failed to hold the lead. Some clever ad-men have already packaged this anthem into a nice little visual. I know A-Rod and Tom Brady show up in this clip, but it nevers fails to get my pumped up.

It’s just Rock ’n Roll.


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